biodegradable cardboard

Is cardboard biodegradable? – Bright side as well as the dark side unveiled!

At first, let us look at what is biodegradable waste before discussing is cardboard biodegradable or not. A biodegradable substance is a material that can be decomposed by bacteria or via other natural processes. Of course, they are not a reason for pollution. Biodegradable waste is unwanted, used materials, mostly originating from plants or animal […]

golden retriever dog

Eco-Friendly Solution For Dog Poop Bags

Everyone loves friendly pets right? Don’t they or wait, nope not everyone loves friendly pets, but when it comes to dogs, you find many dog lovers on a larger scale. The USA alone reports 63 million dog-owning households when it comes to dogs, which is record increase when we compare with other pets. Then comes […]