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Are Biodegradable Garbage Bags Worth It?

Garbage bags? Yes! Another growing concern in many households or during outdoor activities. We have seen several types of garbage bags that come into play. The most famous ones are the black color plastic bags we see every day, but have you considered how it affects the environment? Honesty, these plastic bags are so convenient and useful for heavy-duty usage, but if you can find a similar alternative in the biodegradable/compostable category, will you do the switch? We will definitely switch to them, and so do you. Biodegradable Garbage bags and waste bags are trending topics as of now around the world. 

Compostable Vs Biodegradable Garbage Bags

We are not a team of scientists, hence mentioning here what we have learned over the course. Compostable ones basically decay into a sort of conditioner for soil. This should be made with natural materials; otherwise, this process may be disturbed here and there. This process will take a long time, and most of the time, people consider taking them to specialized centers to get this “Composting” done.
Biodegradable products are similar, but few significant facts can be used to distinguish between compostable vs biodegradable. These can be made from natural or artificial means and will not affect the decaying process. The decaying process is faster when it comes to biodegradable garbage bags as they are made for that particular purpose. The only con we see in these bags is that the process may or may not create something toxic. Still, it is doubtful anything toxic to be created as years and years of research is carried into this.

As per our point of view, the terms compostable and biodegradable are a bit confusing. Especially the process and differentiating it, but what we can say for sure is that these products are helping immensely for our cause. We would encourage you to carry out your own research regarding this matter as well to get a better idea.

Meanwhile, we will bring out some of the picks for compostable/biodegradable garbage bags that we have tested and found worthy. Using anything is better than using Plastic, which is an absolute nightmare for us and our cause—another step towards Simple Living.

Size Of The Trash Bag, I Should Choose

Most are now aware as to what size of trash bag you should choose, but there’s a percentage of people who are still unable to figure it out or recently brought a new trash can or bin they are not used to. Cant figure out what bag size is right for your can? Use the trash bag size calculator.

Best Pick For Biodegradable Trash Bags – Large

7 gallon garbage bags can liners

Reli. Biodegradable Trash Bags 40-45 Gallon (250 Count Bulk) – Green Trash Bags

$59.99 | Amazon | 06 Jun 2020

Reli. Biodegradable Trash Bags massive and very light to use. Their Large bag size (40 “x46”) with eco-friendly 45 Gal toughness is the main highlight. Most biodegradable bags are not heavy duty their nature, but these can with some thickness which suits for heavy-duty purposes. They are durable, easy to dispense as well. The only complaint is that no twist-ties, but it is effortless to just tie them. Best can liner you can simply find in the market without any doubt. They are a bit expensive as for us side, but it is worth giving a shot. Buying in bulk is more economical if you are sticking with this brand.

Biodegradable Trash Bags For Homes (Budget Option)

biodegradable garbage bag

Second Nature Bags, Compostable Biodegradable, 3 Gallon, 100 Trash Bags

$14.99 | Amazon | 06 Jun 2020

The bags are available in more simplified sizes of 3, 7, and 13 gallons. These are ideal for small homes and small scales businesses. They claim to be made with bio-based materials and 100% compostable. Fits for small garbage bins without any issue, we used these for dog poop collection. The reason for this is that they are firm and do not leak at all. This brand is quite famous for any purpose. They don’t produce any artificial odor or scent, and we have been using them in the kitchen, bathrooms, and pet litter purposes. We would have liked this brand if this came with larger sizes. Overall, The color is also appealing and looks neat and tidy when placed in the trashcan. Best of all, it’s beneficial for our environment, so it’s a win-win all around.


Frankly speaking, no matter how heavy-duty these trash bags are, they may tend to leak or tear then and there because of their compostable/biodegradable nature. These are not the ideal replacements for plastic trash bags as of yet. But the picks we have mentioned above satisfied us more than we expected, especially with their strength and overall durability. These were closed replacements we were able to suggest to you when it came to trash bags. Generally, we would like to stick with larger trash bags as it easy for us. The main reason is that these bags do not come with tie-twists, so having a large bag will be beneficial at such times and is easier to manage as we are dealing with trash. 

We hope that our article will help you get an idea regarding trash bags and influence you to make the right buying decisions while being concerned with the environment. See you in another article until that cheers to simple living.

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