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Biodegradable Toilet Paper for 2020

If you have gone through our first, you will definitely know our definition of living a simple life. One of the things we highlighted is residing in an eco-friendly way. So we thought of writing to your about biodegradable toilet paper. Sounds weird? Or does it seem new? Let’s look at what we can learn about biodegradable toilet paper or eco friendly toilet paper.

Is There Biodegradable Toilet Paper?

Well, ideally, all the toilet papers are sort of biodegradable in almost all the circumstances. Still, the water level for the degradable process is a bit high in most of the standard toilet paper. If you look at generic toilet paper, they are made from trees most of the time, truth to be told. Recently there’s been some chatter with trees and being eco friendly and how it’s affecting us in the future. If you look at biodegradable toilet paper, which is quite trending these days, they have come as a solution for these upcoming issues. Ideally, they are not made with most of the trees, at least not very important rare ones. They are made with new, innovative ways and materials or we can call most of them as tree free toilet paper.

How Long Does It Take For Toilet Paper To Decompose?

All the toilet paper once flushed will do down to the septic tanks or maybe stuck in pipes. Here comes the degradable check. Conventional toilet paper will take around an year to decompose. Ideal toilet paper should be septic safe toilet paper as well. If you use biodegradable toilet paper, the degradable process is faster as the water required for the process is minimal and can avoid many issues related to septic tank blockage/ infections, etc. Simple living, eh? Remember fewer burdens! At the same time, you will be helping the environment as well. You can use them at home or when you are traveling or camping. Always avoid heavy-duty, ultra-thick toilet paper. We consider 3 ply toilet paper as heavy-duty thick toilet paper 

Let’s look at some of the best toilet paper brands which are Biodegradable. 

Premium Biodegradable Toilet Paper (Best Pick)

biodegradable toilet paper

Green Forest Premium 100% Recycled – 12 Count (Pack of 4)


This is our first in the go-to list in terms of biodegradable toilet paper. Green Forest is made out of 100% recycled paper fiber (minimum 90% post-consumer recycled content. Since this brand doesn’t necessarily use chlorine for bleaching, it is ideal for people with sensitive skin or people allergic to bleaching. The paper is much softer than most of the other brands. Nothing can go wrong with toilet paper that saves trees! Right?

Best Budget Biodegradable Toilet Paper - Septic Safe

septic safe toilet paper

Scott 1000 Sheets – 4 Packs of 8 Rolls (32 Rolls Total) 

$42.88 | Amazon | 04 Jun 2020

Another pick out of the list. These can be used at homes or on your RVs (crowned as RV toilet paper). This is more like a budget option, and they guarantee the tissue breaks up 4 times faster. We haven’t been able to personally use them for a long time. Still, the reviews available on Amazon are promising. The most important part is this 1-ply tissue, which is really thin. We can name this as great value toilet paper in the market.  

Camper's Choice - Septic Safe

camping rv toilet paper

Coleman Camper’s Toilet Paper, 3 Rolls

$5.99 | Amazon | 04 Jun 2020

One of the trendiest choices for outdoor activating like camping and trekking. This is 2 ply toilet paper. Even though this is 2 ply, it is still very soft and arranged in easy-to-carry packaging (Each roll comes in a plastic container). You can use this for septic tanks as well without any issue. However, this is ideal for travelers


Biodegradable toilet paper has been trending for some time now. There are not many choices as of yet as this topic is fairly new to business and us. All we need to is be a part of this change for a better future and most importantly, less issues overall towards simple living. 

We hope you will find this article useful for your purchases.

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