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Eco-Friendly Solution For Dog Poop Bags

Everyone loves friendly pets right? Don’t they or wait, nope not everyone loves friendly pets, but when it comes to dogs, you find many dog lovers on a larger scale. The USA alone reports 63 million dog-owning households when it comes to dogs, which is record increase when we compare with other pets. Then comes the next most significant issue, dog poops and dog waste bags or simply put dog poop bags.

Starting off the article, let me tell you about my Enzo, a golden retriever, he is a regular pooper at least he poops once or twice a day. Mostly once to be frank. Now let’s see, in an average month, I will be discarding 60 plastics dog poop bags to pick up and toss his poop. Plastic bags, that’s right!

Why Biodegradable Dog Poops Bags?

It is always advisable by the Centers for Disease and Control to pick up their pets’ poop as these animal waste can contain bacteria and pathogens. Yes, for obvious sanitary reasons. So, what do we use? A simple plastic dog waste bag can be easily found in any convince store. These plastic bags are convenient and easy to use. Many even use re-used grocery plastic bags for this. In terms of cost, they will be saving a noticeable amount of money, but when it comes to the environment, not so much.

Plastic has become a significant problem when it comes to waste. Not only in the USA, but the plastic issue is also growing in the word day by day. When these bags escape into the environment, they can have devastating effects on the environment. So, we started a hunt for looking for an alternative to these plastic dog waste bags or poop bags, which is the simple word, commonly used with a lot of people.

What To Do With Dog Poop?

Many people are wondering why we cannot use dog poop as fertilizer to plants as an alternative. This is a Big No! As I have mentioned earlier, these wastes can contain pathogens and bacteria. If you put them as fertilizer to plants or vegetables that you eat, there’s a probability of spreading these harmful bacteria pathogens to you through the plants or herbs. Many are wondering whether there is something like a doggie doo dissolver, seems funny right? Well we do not know what future holds for dog poop. What can I spray on dog poop to dissolve it was the more formal question. Unfortunately we are yet to hear about something like this but there is an odor eliminator for pets and dogs in Amazon which has quite a lot of good reviews.

What's The Alternative?

The alternative I found is another set of dog waste bags, but they go as biodegradable dog poop bags. You may already know what biodegradable means, or you can check back our previous articles to get an idea. Simply put, Earth rated poop bags which are eco-friendly. That’s what we need, right? No more plastic bags! No more guilty feeling towards mother earth when you discard. These biodegradable dog poop bags breakdown naturally, but you should be careful where you dispose of them. Whether the bag of poop is thrown into a trash can or a bin dedicated to composting will naturally return to the earth within a few weeks. Sounds good, right?

Our team always encourages consumers the importance of being eco friendly or buying biodegradable products. Many people are still not fully aware of this concept, and a lot of education and awareness programs are needed to highlight the importance again and again. Biodegradable products might be a bit expensive but think of it as an investment. Especially if you look at the amount you spending needed for biodegradable dog poop bags, you can easily get 3x conventional plastic bags.

There’s a notable increase in demand for biodegradable dog poop bags over the last few months across the globe, especially by dog owners in cities. Now let’s look at some of our choices for biodegradable dog poop bags.

Vegetable-Based Biodegradable Poop Bags (Premium)

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Biodegradable Poop Bags | Dog Waste Bags | Premium Thickness & Leak Proof – 360 Bags 

$49.99 | Amazon | 15 Jun 2020

Doggy Do Good is our teams’ best pick. Undoubtfully, the top-rated dog poop bags – Biodegradable & Certified Compostable. These bags are 100% leak-free – that’s why we love about these bags. It is a bit pricey compared to other eco-friendly bags. Still, the price seems reasonable for an environmentally-friendly product and a small family-owned company. Premium quality, vegetable-based bags are strong and durable, but they break down in just 90 days. Keeping parks and landfills plastic free!

Extra Thick Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

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Greener Walker Poop Bags | Extra Thick Strong 

$16.99 | Amazon | 15 Jun 2020

These are made with corn starch blend, which more friendly to the environment. They claim to be extra thick than other brands, and yes, they were thick and robust. They provide you with different color selections, but that doesn’t really matter. Ultimately, it is used to collect dog poop. What I liked most is that these are large-scaled in 13×9 inches. If you are looking for a budget option, this is the go-to bag, because you will be 540 bags, which means you can use it for around 7-10 months without any issue. The only downside was that the sticker tab is a little difficult to remove when starting a new roll. Many of them are, not really a downside, as far as I am concerned. Overall, you will be receiving an excellent bag at a reasonable price.


These dog waste bags or poop bags are a universal thing, they can be used for other pet litter as well. E.g., Cats. There are separate biodegradable cat litter bags as well. So whatever the pet, you can simply use them without any issue. One of the other vital facts I noticed was that buying in bulk is cheaper when it comes to biodegradable poop bags, as they tend me a bit expensive. So always go for the bulk order and eventually it will save a lot of money. As I have mentioned earlier, these dog poop bags are ideal for people living in cities. Still, if you are living in the countryside, you will not necessarily need these poop bags, but you will find a poop scooper useful more than these bags. But the bottom line is, being a more responsible pet owner means putting up with some inconveniences and, for those who can afford it, probably paying a bit more money.

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