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Simple Living in 2020

The world we live in today has been supported by many luxuries. Many necessities have been playing a massive role in our life. Eventually, we are unable to give up on them. Being in a luxury lifestyle definitely has many perks, but things may be complicated at times. This doesn’t mean being in luxury, modern life cannot be simpler. Being in a simple living certainly helps, but maybe not for everyone.

Many people think when they hear the words, Simple living, it is like living in a jungle or life near a lake with minimum comfort. They always imagine spending life with few people they love or living totally isolated. This is not our definition of simple living or natural living. Our explanation for simple living is basically living life with fewer complications by adhering to the natural laws. Sometimes simple living may not always reduce your costs (it will most of the time). But will defiantly increase the quality of your life for you and the people around you.

This will be the first of many blog articles that we plan on publishing via To start off, we will look at some simple living trends that we can practice while being eco-friendly.

1. Cut down on costs – Maybe save some money?

The most significant costs are electricity bills and mobile subscription bills in the current era. Why not cut down on them, especially the electricity bills. You can look into more natural living resources, such as using Solar energy to power houses. This may not be practical for everyone, but for people who are worried continuously due to high electricity usage and have access to sunlight, most part of the year can try this out. People can actually earn some extra income for a living by selling the excess power generated by such means. Please note that this may not be an ideal option for a small home as setting up costs maybe not that friendly to them by looking at the investment and time to gain an income. We will be publishing some articles using solar energy in the future. Stay tuned.

2. Track your expenses

This is another vital step in managing a simpler life. You can do this easily using an app on mobile. Do not stress this for an extended period, but it will be helpful to know your expenses, whether they are relevant or not. If not, merely think of a way to cut it down, or it’s vital to simply look for an alternative.

3. Be more environmentally focused

This indeed is one of the trendiest ways to a simpler life. As we have discussed in the first point, using solar energy can be related to this point as well. While trying to live in simplicity, we should be more environmentally focused (trying to be one the cost-effective side at the same time). There are many alternatives that you can use to replace items that are more biodegradable or eco-friendly.

4. Usage of credit cards

Many use credit cards and have different credit scores where most have gone into debt due to this. Many lifestyle experts suggest you cancel your credit cards to succeed in simple living. From our perspective, it is a big No! Credit cards aren’t the problem. The problem is people not knowing how to use credit cards maturely. Credit cards can attract you huge discounts and offers in any form of travel, household items, day to day shopping, etc. You can also pot for installment plans in some instances, either with interest or no interest at all. The other most significant advantage we see is you don’t necessarily need more nor to pay the bill at the instant. Naturally, use the period given for payments. Settle the card in full for that particular period when the payments are due without carry forwarding any amount. Carry forwarding results in huge interests. Settling the bill in full will not add interest, which is a huge bonus. The main thing while using credit cards is to know your limits!

Ideally, we would suggest you have to have two credit cards. One for day to shopping and one for any products that you can use to buy for installment plans. A separate credit card for day to day shopping is vital. Imagine if the product you have purchased on installment is blocking the entire credit limit. You will not be able to use the card for any other purchases.

5. Live in the moment

Focus on the day more rather than planning way ahead. Life is uncertain at times; you may not know your future. Eventually, this will reduce some levels of stress you may incur during the day. At the same time, let out your feelings and do what needs to be done without keeping them for the future. Simply think of it as there’s no tomorrow (not always).

6. Physical Health

We would highlight this as a core trend that you should practice even though you are not fond of simple living. As the sayings say, “Physical Health = Mental Wealth” is indeed real. Without proper physical health, you will be burdened with a lot of worries, both physically and mentally. Pay more attention to your physical health more often. Find some exciting routines of exercises and spend a few minutes doing them will definitely be an advantage.

Life is all about choices. Choosing simple living is something that is becoming a popular thing to do. As we have said in the beginning, we are looking at Simple Living in a more uncommon perspective. Be it luxury or not, simple living can be customized accordingly.

We will be continuing our blog with many more informative articles. Please stay tuned with us!

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6 thoughts on “Simple Living in 2020

  1. Im all for being more environmentally focused for sure! Its funny when you have a different perspective how much you see all the material objects because so much more irrelevant than before ! awesome post. Living in the moment is something people forget these days for sure

  2. I love this post! I did one very similar and during these times it’s easy to focus on the negative but we also gained soooo much!

  3. These are some fantastic tips! I’ve been trying to live more simply by buying less and being more environmentally conscious. The lock-down due to the pandemic has also helped. lol

  4. One thing that this lockdown has shown our family is that we spend a lot of money that we really could be saving. Only going to the grocery store once every 10 days and not going out to eat has really saved us a bundle.

  5. Loving this! That noted, as I’ve been practicing simplifying my life since essentially the middle of last year, I can say with confidence that a simplified life, with lots of thought put into each luxurious purchase is the sweet spot(thrifted silver makes my heart sing, especially at a dinner table, for instance. Not to mention all the other quality goodies I own which can shine now that I’m “trimming the fat.”). It hits that spot with a desire for elegance while also channeling the knowledge one can go backpacking at nearly a moment’s notice too!

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